Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Travel in any of the explored or unexplored places

Travel in any of the explored or unexplored places:

The tedious work of the people does not give permission to them to think further than the routine, and go natural with their own weird way they imagine. This actually put all of us in quandary to decide what to do with the plan that can be implemented. The people always think of getting out of this monotonous life in a better way. People, who are still confused, thinking of numerous ways of breaking shackles of the daily frowning lives, can go to a natural place to travel the beauty made by the nature itself. For this purpose, one can go with his family, by means of some holiday package or some other convenient way.

Due to the hectic schedules, one can go for a trip after a long time. We all has already experience the pleasure of going for a trip with friends or family. Therefore, if you are thinking to go out, then this would be the best time, which ultimately brings out the most excellent part of us. The most important thing in a trip is that it sets a person free from any of his worldly tensions, and travel allows him to enjoy the life in a complete way.

Therefore, before the time gets over of the boring life, pamper yourself for a wonderful travel to any of the holiday spots or natural spots. You will be realized a number of benefits of any small meaningful holidays. You be get relaxed without any of the tensions of the outer world. Even some researchers say that the most excellent of a man comes out after an eventual and happy break from the daily hectic work.

You can take help of any of the holiday planners that can help you out in deciding a wonderful place for your trip. You can also take the advantage of numerous websites, which can help you to decide the best place, which can make your travel successful. Through the use of these websites, you can plan your destination by yourself, as they can give you a very clean idea of the places that you can visit. There are numerous unexplored destinations also, that can convince you to go there. If you have something wild in your mind, then you can also make your mind in going to an unexplored place, which would be both natural as well as pleasing. As the overall target is to go for a trip that can give you a break, ultimately providing you the energy for your further works in the life.

Summary: For having a break from your fast and busy life, you can travel in a new place with your family or friends. Going for a trip can relax you from your busy life.

Friday, January 13, 2012


The invertebrates are animals with no back bone. Some have no skeleton at all, but many have external skeletons or shells that give them a rigid shape and provide anchorage for their muscles. There are about thirty major groups or phyla of invertebrates, although the great majority of species belong to just two phyla- the Mollusca and the Arthropod. The later includes the insects, spiders, crustaceans and several other groups, all of which have segmented bodies and jointed legs. The majority of invertebrates are quite small, but examples of the largest the giant squid are known to have been as much as 15m long and possibly well cover a tone in weight, which is considerably more than most vertebrates.

Molluscs Molluscs are soft bodied animals with no sign of segmentation. Most have chalky shells. There are over 60 000 species, three quarters of which are slugs and snails. Bivalves, such as cockles and mussels, and the squids and their relatives make up most of the rest.

The crustaceans include animals as diverse as lobsters, barnacles and water fleas. All have hard outer skeletons impregnated with lime, and several pairs of legs. Most of the 30000 or so species are marine, but many live in freshwater and woodlice live on land.


The insects are the only type of invertebrates to have wings, although they are not all winged. Adults have three main body sections and three pairs of legs. Well over one million species are known, living in almost every habitat, although there are only a very few that live in the sea.
Spiders belong to the arthropods family. They have two main body section and four pair of legs. All are carnivorous and kill their prey usually insects with venom. Many species snare their prey with extremely intricate silken webs.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding Food

Food is the central to an animal survival. Most each plants, for among living things the bulk generation vastly exceeds the biomass of the animals. Among these plant feeders, most of the specialists and, for example, over 100 different species of insect may depend on one tree. They vary, however, in their needs for leaves, pollen, bark, wood or roots and their different times of feeding. Larger animals are usually less selective, but there are exceptions- such as the three-toed sloth, which feeds only on the tender shoots and leave of Cecropia.

One feeding stratagem that has proved highly successful for large plant eating mammals is chewing the cud. Cud chewers take in food quickly and pass it directly to a holding comportment of the stomach. Later it returns to the mouth for complete mastication. When it is swallowed for a second time it enters another part of the stomach where digestion begins. Normally plant feeders are exposed to predators while gathering food, but a cud chewer can find itself a safe, sheltered place for the lengthy process of mastication. The success of this stratagem can be seen in a comparison of medium sized plant feeders; six species of horse like animals and two tapirs do not chew the cud, where as 40 species of deer and over 110 species of cattle, sheep and antelope are all cud chewers.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Animals have many ways of surviving harsh weather when, because of heat and drought or low temperatures, the water and food supplies fall. Some simply move to where food is still abundant. The lives of some African herbivores are a continuous migration following food supplies. Many others animals go into a state of torpor, which is referred to as hibernation in cold conditions or aestivation in hot, dry climates.

Cold blooded animals, such as insects, amphibians and reptiles, hibernate without any great physical changes. They find a place where the temperature will not fall below freezing. As their surroundings cool, their bodily activities drop to a level where they are using little energy to stay alive.
No large mammals hibernate truly, but many small species, including some insectivores, bats and rodents, do. They must make enormous physiological changes in order to survive, perhaps for months, without water or food. To conserve energy, their body temperature drops by many degrees, their heart beat and blood circulation is reduced to a very low level and their breathing almost stops. Hummingbirds are able to drop into a torpid state when not in flight; nestling swifts may do so if food is not available, but the only bird known to hibernate fully is a poor will, and even it has periods of torpidity lasting days rather than months.


Every one of us knows the reason for migration.  Birds are, to most people, the most obvious migrants. Their travels usually take them north in spring and south again in autumn. The northern land masses have a far greater are than the southern ones, so adequate breeding territories may be set up or, for  sea birds, nest sites found near to food rich waters, also, the long hours of day light of the northern summer give more time for feeding hungry young than would be possible in short, tropical days.

Migration routes were probably established at the end of the Pleistocene period, and each species follows its own pattern of movements, led mysteriously but certainly, land marks, the stars and planets, and even by the Earth’s magnetic field. Some young birds learn their migration route from their parents. Others, such as young cuckoos, have no such guidance. Flying alone, they have only their innate knowledge of direction and distance to take them to their winter home, a strategy that gives them a chance to survive to be among the next year’s breeding population.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Among flesh eating animals, the use of venom is a method of subduing prey that cuts across taxonomic boundaries. Generally, venomous animals are small, slow-moving or fragile. The delicate tentacles of a Portuguese man of war, for instance, deliver paralyzing stings. Were it not for this, it would be thrashed to pieces by the struggles of its prey. With a poisonous bite, short sighted spiders prevent insects escaping. Snakes such as vipers or cobras use venom to still fast moving small mammals.

While each kind of venom is chemically slightly different, almost all have a dual function. The first is to act on the nervous system of the prey, paralyzing it and preventing its escape. The second function is digestive, for venoms contain proteolytic enzymes that break down animal tissue. A spider has no need to chew its food; after a while it merely sucks up a largely predigested meal. The mouse eaten by a venomous snake is at least partly digested by the injected poison.

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Monday, January 2, 2012


At the end of their lives, almost all animals are eaten by other organisms, but all aim to delay this fate as long as possible. Various mechanisms are used to help them escape from predators or on the other hand to enable hunters to catch their prey. One of the most important of these is camouflage, needed by all but burrowing creatures and the very largest of land animals.

The most basic form of camouflage is counter shading. Here the back of an animal is more intensely coloured than the underside. Light falling from above shadows the paler area, making the colour appear uniform. Experiments show that predators faced with counter shaded prey find them far more difficult to see than those without this form of camouflage.

Counter shading of often augmented with disruptive colouration. Many creatures are patterned with spots and stripes that make them nearly invisible in their background. Disruptive shapes formed by spines or flaps of tissue may add a further degree of camouflage. For instance, the sea dragon of Australian waters is so decorated with flaps of skin that it is almost undistinguishable from the seaweeds among which it lives. In some cases, disruptive shape may become an imitation of a particular environment, leaf and stick insects are spectacular examples. Other creatures such as wasps or ladybirds are brightly coloured to warn predators that they are well protected with stings or chemicals that taste unpleasant.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Animal Strategies For Survival

         Scientists have described and named over a million different species of animals, every one of which is unique in details of both its physical structure and its behavior. Some living in the same area may overlap in their use of a shared environment. In times of hardship, however, such as food shortage in winter or dry seasons, or the stress of breeding and rearing young, each has its own way of coping that excludes all others. The first stratagem for survival is specialization. Each animal in its own niche is an unassailable specialist. Should the environment change the specialist may lose out, but in stable habitats the specialist is the winner.